Mat Hook

Mat Hook is an English singer-songwriter, re-entering the live and recorded music scene after being the frontman of Sheffield indie rock band ‘Kartica’ between 2008-2014. Those days saw sold out gigs, international press and celebrity endorsements, now after a decade away he’s returning full band gigs and a debut solo record ‘Runaway Road’ out Friday 18th August and a planned album for release next year! 2nd Single ‘Alone You Go' is out 24th November!

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Mathew Hook's magnetic voice whisks you away into towering Rock & Roll sublimity” - 'Silver Tongue (USA)'



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Song List

  • Runaway Road
  • Dare to Dream
  • Suspended Belief
  • Alone You Go
  • Last Night's Memory
  • Bleed Me Dry
  • Glorious Outsider


Former Kartica frontman to release debut single in first studio material for 10 years!

The former frontman of the popular Sheffield indie-rock band Kartica to release debut single in first studio material for 10 years!




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Twitter: @mathookmusic


“Shades of Richard Ashcroft I reckon. After being away for 10 years, Mat's returning and sounding excellent!” - John Kennedy (Radio X)

“Splashes of Oasis and The Verve” - Exposed Magazine

“Mat Hook and his band are definitely ones to watch out for this year, so get out and catch them live if you can” - AllMusicMagazine

"Mathew Hooks magnetic voice whisks you away into towering Rock 'n' Roll sublimety" - Silver Tongue (USA)

The former frontman of the popular Sheffield indie-rock band ‘Kartica’ has returned with debut solo single ‘Runaway Road’ released on 18th August in his first studio material for 10 years after a long hiatus from the recorded music scene! The song was played on national radio by legendary British radio presenter Steve Lamacq on his BBC 6 Music show, whilst also being compared to iconic Verve frontman, Richard Ashcroft, whilst played on Radio X by John Kennedy.

The song ‘Runaway Road’ is a turning point in Mat’s re-emergence in music and chronicles his return and a re-invigorated approach to life after a period of turmoil including, births, breakups, job-losses and deaths, including his exit from once hotly-tipped Sheffield band ‘Kartica’ in 2014. Mat's 2nd single ‘Alone You Go’ is out on the 24th November 2023, with a promo video featuring many members of the public, whilst also including World Champion Boxer, Kell Brook and former world renowned footballer and now broadcaster, Chris Waddle.

In 2014, Mat Hook’s rising reputation as frontman of ‘Kartica’ was cut short when he stepped away from being frontman of the Sheffield bandfor an accumulation of reasons. 

At the time the group’s music was resonating with a rapidly growing fanbase, their tracks featuring regularly on local Radio and at both Sheffield United & Wednesday football grounds and even episodes of Hollyoaks. They shared stages with the likes of Bruce Foxton (The Jam) The Beautiful South, Catfish & The Bottlemen, The Coral, Feeder, Lightning Seeds, The Twang and Little Man Tate’s Jon Windle amongst others.. and received international press as far afield as South America while enjoying endorsements from Tom Clarke of ‘The Enemy’, ex-Man United & England footballer-turned-pundit, Gary Neville and even cult US Hip Hop star, Casanova Rud.

Mat who has sang at iconic venues such as The Cavern in Liverpool and The 100 Club in London, lost his 9-5 job, split with the mother of his one-year-old child, saw his father develop life-altering cancer (which he later died of), left Kartica amid growing tensions and witnessed another family member also diagnosed with the aforementioned disease, thankfully surviving.

The once nationwide touring musician, who had performed in front of KT Tunstall and rubbed shoulders with ex-England footballers and a World Champion Boxer, found himself at the precipice of spiralling when forming a 7-a-side football team and then league provided a light.

Fast forward 4 years to the present day and Kickabout Sheffield has 28 mens teams on its showpiece Wednesday night, with a futher 10 in a smaller ‘Summer only’ league, whilst also incorporating a womens 6 a side league.

The success of the league has transformed Mat’s life and has given him the inspiration to get back into writing and performing music. Creatively, Mat is coming out from the shadow of Kartica’s legacy and quickly connecting with audiences again, having already had viral videos online (a recent clip of him covering Oasis’ ‘Live Forever’ racked up over 10,000 ‘likes’ on TikTok) and on his comeback shared a bill at Askern Festival with The Coral, Feeder and The Lightning Seeds.

 Last year Mat released a favourite Kartica song ‘Dare to Dream’ (from 2013) and also a live acoustic version of ‘Runaway Road’ ‘Runaway Road (Live Acoustic at Son of the City Studio)’ was released August 23rd, 2022. However the new single's are the first fresh studio material he’s been involved with since Kartica’s ‘Last Gang in Town’ EP back in 2013. Recorded and mixed by Paul Tuffs, who’s been described in the press as ‘Sheffield’s music cornerstone’, the song's chronicle the emotional journey that has brought Mat to the more relaxed and positive place he thankfully finds himself in today.

Direct Quotes - Mat Hook

“It’s got an attitude feel to it and it's got a bass-ey sound. It feels like a juggernaut of a song. The sentiment behind it, about gaining direction and gathering the wind in your sails again, sums up my mindset over the last few years.” - (On debut single ‘Runaway Road’)

“It's about, in hard times, looking for the light at the end of tunnel” - (On upcoming 2nd single ‘Alone You Go’)

“There’s been some really testing times and I can say without question that for the majority of it (time away from music) I never thought I’d be involved in releasing music again”

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